Providing information for the success of our partners and security of their customers
“On a personal level I must say that during my 20+ year insurance career, having worked in underwriting management for Allstate Insurance Co., Hanover Insurance Co. and Donegal, I’ve experienced my share of inspection companies. MIB is by far the best I’ve ever worked with. If your experience is anything like mine you’ll be very satisfied with the results.”

Jeffrey A. Jacobsen, Sr. Vice President Personal Lines
Donegal Companies

“As a personal lines underwriting manager, you rely on being able to underwrite a new risk as thoroughly as possible. MIB has been instrumental in providing the time service standard required to do this, not only with exterior inspections, but with scheduling interior inspections as well. The easy to read detailed reports efficiently aid the underwriters in making sound decisions. If there is ever a question about a report, MIB can be counted on to quickly obtain an answer and respond. Their staff is wonderful in providing excellent service. I would recommend MIB and their services to any company wanting reliable, good quality reports and services.”

Theresa Russo, Manager Personal Lines Underwriting
Cumberland Insurance Group

“MIB stands heads and tails above its competitors. I attribute their success to the fact that MIB’s employees and independent contractors strive to exceed their customers expectations. They understand the significance of building and maintaining strong relationships with their customers. They have earned our business, because they make a difference!”

Suzanne Chrisemer, PL Underwriting Analyst
Penn National Insurance Company

“In my role as Underwriting Vice President, I have had the distinct advantage of dealing with many inspection companies in a multi-state operation. In my 36 years, I have found the following advantages from an insurance company perspective.”
  • The regional operation allows the member Company to design and offer input on the structure of the various reports offered.
  • MIB inspectors call member Companies when a poor risk is discovered.
  • The ability to electronically order inspection reports has made a significant impact on savings in time and expense.
  • The quality and service received from MIB continues to be outstanding.

Charles A. Michael, Sr., Vice President Underwriting
Lititz Mutual Insurance Company

“The Mutual Inspection Bureau has been a substantial contributor to our ability to show good results. The company has had a good affiliation with the Bureau for over thirty years. This does not mean that we have not tried other inspection companies, it means that we never strayed long and we always came running back. After our last adventure with another inspection company, the Vice President of Underwriting told me ’Never Again’. The inspections were cheaper, not just less expensive, and they told us almost nothing. There are inspection companies who produce an inspection for less, but what good is it if the inspection does not give the information necessary to underwrite the risk.”

“The cost of a ’good’ inspection can be justified and that is what MIB has been providing.”

Robert A. Fitzsimmons, CEO
Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company

“Mutual Benefit has dealt with numerous inspection companies throughout the years for both commercial and residential inspections. Several years ago our Personal Lines Strategic Business Unit made the decision to solely utilize the services of MIB for residential inspections.”

“There are many reasons why that decision was made, and they are all related to service and the quality of the work performed by MIB. Prior to making that decision, we were receiving many complaints from our independent agents regarding inspections performed by other vendors we were using. Various problems included rude inspectors, inspectors not making appointments, inspectors not properly identifying themselves to our customers and generating fear on their part, inaccurate inspections, inaccurate cost estimators, and inspections of the wrong residence, just to name a few.”

Donna L. Patterson, Vice President Personal Lines
Mutual Benefit Group

“With MIB we get so much more than a good inspection. We get inspectors who take the extra step of making sure we know in a timely fashion when there is a major issue. We are provided training opportunities by MIB for our underwriters. And as a member of MIB, we have a relationship that is more than that of a business partner. We are able to participate in governance of the organization and our input is valued and acted on. MIB is a unique inspection company that I can highly recommend.”

Christopher Shipe, President/CEO
Loudoun Mutual Insurance Company

“With MIB’s thorough and professional effort combined with the hard work of BMIC’s staff, we were able to completely reunderwrite the Pennsylvania book of business in less than two years. And, today, the positive outcome of MIB’s work is realized in Brethren Mutual’s improved underwriting results.”

“Brethren Mutual is happy to be a member of the Mutual Inspection Bureau. We can truly say‚Ķ MIB has made a difference. Brethren would highly recommend MIB’s services to any and all.”

Charles H. Flickinger, President
Brethren Mutual Insurance Company